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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Anyone as anxious for spring as I am?

The other morning, it was 55 degrees outside.

The sun was shining and spring seemed to be on its way.

I had a resolve to put away all of our winter clothes and bring out our spring clothes.

Luckily it didn't happen because by the afternoon it was snowing!

It continued to snow through the night.

And, by morning, we had several inches of snow on our lawn and roof.

I guess spring will be waiting a little longer to make its appearance.

Hopefully it doesn't wait too long because I made this especially for it.

Want to make one too?

Okay. First find a wreath form like this one (I found mine at the dollar store).

Cut 2.5 inch strips of fabric (to be used for your background).

Using hot glue, attach the strips of fabric to the wreath by wrapping it around.

When you reach the end, cut off any excess and hot glue the end to the wreath.

Here's what your covered wreath will look like.

Then, create flower patterns in various sizes (I used cardstock).

Use those patterns to cut flowers out of paper or fabric (I used both paper and fabric).

For my fabric flowers, I used fusible fleece so it would keep its shape.

Put together your flowers using brads.

Your flowers will look something like this.

Attach those flowers, using hot glue, to your wreath.

Then, attach a cute/fun ribbon to the top of the wreath (be sure to heat seal your ribbon ends so they don't fray, by exposing the ends to a flame).

And finally, enjoy your new spring wreath!

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  1. That is super cute! I love the flowers, they add just the right touch

  2. What a cute wreath!! I really need to try my hand at wreath making.

  3. What a sweet little wreath! I love it! Have a blessed week.


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