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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dressing up those plain onesies...

I had some plain white onesies that were supposed to be returned to Ross.
Instead, I decided they needed to be dressed up.
So, I used the bows that never turned into hair accessories, and some yo-yos to make these onesies more fun!

What do you think??


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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crochet Trim Baby Blankets

*Before we get started, I just wanted to remind you about the giveaway.
Enter on this post, by 3/31.

My oldest was given a crochet trim flannel blanket when she was born.
She's 3 now, and she's still using it (we both absolutely LOVE it)!
When I went through my crazed stage of making all kinds of baby things, I really wanted to make these.
After many hours on Google, I still couldn't figure out how to do these.
I finally figured out that the process to make the holes which you crochet through is called "hemstitching". either have to have a special hemstitching machine to make those holes, or buy the ready made kits from people who have the machine.
Apparently, Singer used to make these machines back in the day, but no longer make them (or something like that...I don't really know the history so don't call me out on it).
Since the hemstitching machines are expensive, and I don't own one, here's my way of making these little lovelies (aka crochet trim blankets).

Materials Needed:
-Flannel (I use 1 yard, but how much you use depends on the size of blanket that you want. Also, I haven't tried other fabrics so I don't know how this technique works for other fabrics.)
-Crochet Thread (I believe the size I use is size 3, it's bigger than size 10.)
-Crochet Needle (Size 5 or Size 6. I've used both and they work fine.)
-Grab and Stab tool (I got this tool from Roberts. According to the company that made this particular one, that's what this tool's name is, but I'm sure it's probably called something else. You just need something pointy, and thicker than a needle, to make the holes.)
-Ruler (Not pictured here.)
-Basic Sewing Machine (Also not pictured.)

First things first, hem the edges of your blanket.
Fold it in 1/4 inch, then fold again 1/4 inch to make a nice clean hem.
Then top stitch around the edges.

After you have nicely hemmed edges, take your ruler and line it up to the inner edge of your hemmed blanket (see picture).
Next, take your pointy tool and make a hole every 1/2 inch.
With flannel (I don't know about other materials), the holes close up so try to make them decently sized.
Also, because the holes close up after poking them, I like to only make a ruler's length of holes at a time (is this making any sense??).
After I make a ruler's length of holes, I crochet that length before making more holes.

When you begin crocheting, don't start on the corner (it makes it harder to finish).
Starting part way down an edge, allows for the start and finish to come together better.
To start, tie a knot on your thread, and crochet a single stitch through your starting hole.

To make the crochet pattern shown below, I crocheted a single stitch through the hole, then two double stitches through the same hole.
So in one hole, you'll have single stitch, double stitch, double stitch.
To round the corners, you can do a single stitch, double stitch, double stitch in your corner hole, then do a couple chain stitches before doing the single stitch for the next hole.
Hope you're understanding this!!

Then, after you've stitched around your entire blanket (and all the holes are filled with stitches) crochet a single stitch through the starting hole (so your starting hole will have a single stitch, double stitch, double stitch, and single stitch), cut your thread, tie a knot in the thread, and pull the thread through a couple of the next holes' stitches to make everything neat.
Don't worry about your holes being a little stretched out or big, they shrink up and close in the wash.
So, now your blanket should look like this one that my mom made.

Isn't it lovely??

Also, if you Google crochet pattens, you can find other patterns to crochet around the edges of your blanket.
So go ahead...have fun!!
Oh, and let me know if you have any questions because I'm betting this got a little confusing.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Wishing for Summer Dress

Last week, Walmart had a bunch of shirts on clearance for $1!
So I grabbed a few XL ones.
Then I went to their craft section and picked up elastic for $0.97.

So, for about $1.25, and following this tutorial, we have this...

As you can see, she loves it and we can't wait for summer!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I need your help and a giveaway! (Giveaway Closed)

I entered my older daughter's picture in a contest on facebook.
It's called the Baby Bullet "Messy Baby" Photo Contest.
The photo with the most "Likes" wins a Baby Bullet system, which I would love to use for my 2nd daughter.
Anyway, I have decided to ask for your help.
And, in return I offer you a giveaway...

I made this changing pad with pocket, for our diaper bag, following this tutorial.
It's wonderful!

The interior lining is Chenille fabric that is quite soft and comfy!

I've decided to make one for you.
The winner of this giveaway will have a choice between two prizes.
The first choice will include a changing pad (like the one shown) along with 2 chenille burp cloths.
I can't tell you how much I LOVE these burp cloths.
They're the perfect size, they're nice and soft, they're absorbent, and they're just SO cute!
I received 2 for a baby shower gift, and HAD to make more.

Your changing pad and burp cloths will come in the pink version of the changing pad shown below.
I've already completed sewing the burp cloths, so that's what's shown below.

Or the second choice...
For the little boys out there, you will get these 4 burp cloths (instead of the changing pad).

To Enter: Go here and "Like" my daughter's picture, shown at the top of this post, submitted by Jenn (You might have to "like" their page before you can "like" the picture). Then come back to this post and leave me a comment with your facebook name, that you liked the picture, which prize you would like to win (girl or boy), and your email address (so I can contact you if you win).

It's as simple as that!!

Extra Entries: If you would like extra entries, send your family and friends over to "like" the picture (eg. your hubby), then come back here and leave a comment with their facebook name and your email address. Please leave a separate comment for each person who you get to "like" the picture.

Voting on facebook ends on March 31st. So, we'll close the giveaway on that day.
Now, go ahead and get your entries in!
Thanks SO much!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hey All!

I know, it's been WAY to long...
but for those of you who are still here, I want to say "Thank you" and "I'm back!"
During my absence, I was working on a HUGE project that I'm ready to share...

Baby #2 was born last month!

Because of her, I've had all things baby on my mind.
Here's a few of my creations as of late (along with links to tutorials)...

Crochet trim blankets
(Because there weren't really any tutorials on how to do this without having a hemstitching machine or buying premade hemstitched kits, I had to wing it. I'll show you how made these later.)

Car Seat Canopy
(I used this basic tutorial, but tweaked it to fit my wants.)

Sling and Burp Cloths
(For the sling, I didn't put the padding in. I've also used it and it works hasn't fallen out yet.)

Sling for my 1st born and her dollie.
(Just used the sling tutorial found above, but didn't put an inner lining.

I Spy Bag
(To entertain my 1st born while I'm off doing my own crafting.)

So there you have it!
I've been crafting and creating, just not blogging.
Stay tuned for more fun things coming soon!
See you later!