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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Sharp Crochet Hook

Remember this post, and the pink and purple polka dotted material?
Remember how I measured then poked holes, to avoid paying the price to get my blankets hemstitched?
Well, I'm pleased to let you know that I have FINALLY finished crocheting that pink and purple polka dotted blanket.
And, I did it without measuring, marking, poking holes, or hemstitching.
The handy dandy tool which helped me, you ask?
(Go ahead, check out their website...but come back because I have more news)

So here's the completed pink and purple polka dotted blanket.

Now, let me tell you more about the Sharp Crochet Hook.
It's this wonderful little crochet hook with a sharper edge than normal crochet hooks.
The sharper edge allows you to poke the holes with the crochet hook, rather than the grab and stab tool (that sounds bad...).
It's "Ideal for crocheting borders and edgings through fabric."
And, it "Glides through fabric easier than normal crochet hooks."

Here's the Sharp Crochet Hook demo video.

As for my opinion, I loved that this tool took away several steps when crocheting a blanket.
It is much faster and much easier to crochet edgings when using the Sharp Crochet Hook.
And, at $6.99 it is affordable.
It is a metal crochet hook, so it will last through your many projects.
If you're planning on crocheting the edging on your projects, go ahead and invest in a Sharp Crochet Hook.
It's cheap, easy to use, and makes your project times shorter.

And for those of you wanting one right now, the Sharp Crochet Hook is offering one lucky reader a free crochet hook of their own along with a copy of their Crochet Edging Handbook (includes 15 edging patterns for all of your projects).


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This giveaway will end on Saturday 10/27/2012.
Now go enter!

Now, here are a couple more pictures of the blanket that will be going to my new niece next week.