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Monday, April 18, 2011

Roxy Shirt to Dress

Here's to hoping we'll enjoy some SPRING weather soon...
For this dress, I used a girl's large Roxy shirt that I bought for $5.
I LOVE SIMPLE...and that's what this project was.
I took in the shoulders, sewed bias tape around the neckline, and brought in the back with a piece of bias tape.
Then I tied a ribbon around the waist and voila!!
So simple, while still being so cute.

What do you think?
Should we be allowed some Spring weather?
I hope so...


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rolled Fabric Rosettes

This week, using some of my fabric stash, I made pretty little rosettes.

Then, I went about attaching them to different things including:

On a side note, my daughter LOVES her $3 shoes from Walmart.
She refers to them as her "ballerina" shoes!
Of course, they're scuffed and dirty now (after less than a week of wear), but I don't mind too much because they were only $3.
Although, I do wish I would've bought a couple extra pairs!
So, moral of the story is...
If you have little ones who like to put a lot of wear and tear on their shoes, always check out Walmart's shoe clearance section. You never know what kind of great deals you might find there (I've even seen shoes on clearance for $1). And if they're somewhat plain, don't worry because you can always add some spice to them with a little creativity and hot glue!!
The end.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Biggest Loser Contestant...

I have an obsession for the Biggest Loser show.
We watch it each week, consistently.
I also have a secret dream of one day becoming a contestant on the show,
so I can train with Bob and Jillian...
Okay, it's not really a "secret" dream anymore because I've told my husband, and he thinks it's hilarious, so he's told others.
Anyway, I'm not really in the position to become a contestant on the show because I'd have to gain 130+ pounds to qualify.
Seeing how that's not going to be possible for this next season, I figure I'd better start my own exercise regimen to drop those evil pregnancy pounds.
However, with TWO crazy little ones, I can't use my same single jogging stroller (it would just be WAY too difficult...).
So I'm saving up all of my shiny little pennies to buy me one of these babies.
Any thoughts (positive or negative) regarding the 2011 BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller?
I probably have another few weeks before I can save enough money to purchase one.
So, there's a chance you can talk me out of it (or more into it) by then.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chenille Washcloths

Go ahead and make some of these absorbant and soft washcloths for your baby, a friend's baby, or even yourself!
I love using them for my daughter.
And they're possibly one of the easiest things you'll ever make.
The burp cloths I made earlier are made the same way, just in a different size.
See instructions below.

Include a fun bath toy and maybe a hooded towel (that you also made), to create a cute and unique "bath" themed baby shower gift.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

We Have a Winner!

Thanks to all of you who voted for my little one's picture.
Although we didn't win, there will still be a winner here!
The winner was chosen randomly through
And since I still haven't figured out how to paste the image so you're gonna have to trust me...sorry!
Anyway, moving on...

The winner is...

brandon and jakell said...

husband voted too :)
Brandon M.

jakellcth@msn. com

Congrats Brandon and Jakell!