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Monday, March 15, 2010

Friend Making Monday

I've decided to participate in:If you'd like to participate also, head on over to Amber's Blog.
PS: If you make it to the end of this post, you'll be able to enjoy some pics of me and my family.
Hope to see you at the end of this post!

I am....Jenn.

I think....we could be friends.

I washing my dishes.

I dream....of someday going to Disneyland, again.

I eat french fries.

I many wonderful, awesome people!

I don't like....being without chocolate.

I smell...Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets.

I hear....Pocahontas music.

I computer will die soon. :( (Luckily we have 2)

I usually...skip breakfast. (I know, terrible!)

I search...blogs too often.

I miss....Hawaii.

I snuggling with my little one.

I regret....not going to the gym this morning.

I wonder....when I will become the mother of 2.

I crave....french fries!

I remember...when naps were a good thing.

I do some spring cleaning.

I forget....quite a bit.

I laughing.

I for hours.

I can't....wait until warmer weather comes.

I am happy....when my baby's happy.

I sanity when I walk into a craft store.

I the car, but not in the shower.

I Hawaii radio stations online.

I shop.....more than my hubby likes.

I eat....too much.

I love.....LIFE!

Here's some pics of my family from last May.
Hope you enjoy them!


  1. Your pictures are amazingly beautiful! I also love reading and crafting...and my name is Jen! Go figure! haha

    Nice to meet you @ FMM! :-)

  2. Your pictures are too cute! :) gotcha from the Makin friends survey!

    Nice to meet ya!!



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