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Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Shirt's Makeover

As you probably noticed, I wasn't able to finish and post about the project I had in mind.
However, I did find another shirt lying around in my closet.
Today, it got a makeover.
I initially wanted to make a ruffle dress, for my little one, out of it...
But there wasn't enough material to make a complete dress.
So, I made a half dress...aka a skirt!

I cut it up like so (and ended up not using the sleeves).
Then I hemmed the top part of the skirt, leaving enough space for the elastic.
I used 2.5 inch pieces, from the top part of the shirt, to make the ruffles.
I pinned them to the skirt, and straight stitched across the top of each ruffle.
This is the finished product, after sticking the elastic through.
Fun AND Simple!
Here's a closeup with it on.
And, here's my little model.

PS: Sorry if a lot of this didn't make sense. If you have any questions, just ask away!
Now, I'm off to bed...


  1. oh wow!!!! you are so creative! i love it!!!!!

  2. This is fabulous! Thanks for linking up this week!

  3. so cute! such a great idea for a shirt! I'm a new follower!


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