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Monday, April 11, 2011

Biggest Loser Contestant...

I have an obsession for the Biggest Loser show.
We watch it each week, consistently.
I also have a secret dream of one day becoming a contestant on the show,
so I can train with Bob and Jillian...
Okay, it's not really a "secret" dream anymore because I've told my husband, and he thinks it's hilarious, so he's told others.
Anyway, I'm not really in the position to become a contestant on the show because I'd have to gain 130+ pounds to qualify.
Seeing how that's not going to be possible for this next season, I figure I'd better start my own exercise regimen to drop those evil pregnancy pounds.
However, with TWO crazy little ones, I can't use my same single jogging stroller (it would just be WAY too difficult...).
So I'm saving up all of my shiny little pennies to buy me one of these babies.
Any thoughts (positive or negative) regarding the 2011 BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller?
I probably have another few weeks before I can save enough money to purchase one.
So, there's a chance you can talk me out of it (or more into it) by then.


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  1. jen i love love love your blog! just been reading everything and now i want to go and MAKE something! love all your ideas. we miss you guys!! hope all is good :)

    i'm a biggest loser fan too! LOVE that show!!


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