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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Go, Diego, Go...(The story of a couch's new life)

After seeing a post on All Things Thrifty a while back, I knew I needed to find an awesome kids' couch.
And we did just that this past week.
We picked up this couch at our local thrift store, for $2.
And as much as I love Diego, he needed to go. He wasn't looking or smelling too good.
So, with my husband on board, we ripped this bad boy to pieces.
My husband did all of the dirty work...and trust me, it was pretty dirty.
He ripped out the staples, and touched all of the smelly fabric.
Then I cut out new pieces of fabric, using the old pieces as patterns, re-stapled and re-sewed...
PS: Be's our first reupholstered project so it's not perfect.

We LOVE them...the couch and the chubby baby!
And one more before and after...


  1. looking good! you always have great fabric choices...reupholstering projects always make such a fun impact in the room :)
    i love your little chubby baby too!

  2. baaah! too cute! both the baby and the couch. ;)

  3. OH MY! I was looking at some of these on KSL and thought about recovering them but it seemed so daunting. Good job!

  4. you are so talented! your mom keeps telling me about your projects and i forgot about this blog, so happy to get to see them!!! that car seat was just awesome!!

  5. oh my goodness! so so SOO cute jen! LOVE your fabric choice - so bright and cheery.

  6. Ok this is exactly what I want to do with my girls' Backyardigans couch. Did you use a pattern or what?? Can you help me?!?!


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