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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Heart Faces-Week 29 Photo Challenge

I've decided to enter the I heart faces weekly photography challenge.

(Just so you know...I'm in no way a professional photographer, nor do I claim to be.
Please don't judge me by my photography skills...or lack thereof.)

This week's theme, "Over my Head."

The photo represents the first thoughts which entered my head (after reading the theme).


Don't worry, baby, physics was over mommy's head too...


  1. Now this was a perfect rendition of over your head...LOVE THIS!!!

  2. super cute! :) We miss you guys!!!

  3. You photo skills are great. Look at your angle...Perfect! Look at the lighting (reflection from the white pages) you bounced back in your daughters face....Perfect! and idea of the PHysics....Perfect! I LOVE this!

  4. nice


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