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Monday, April 26, 2010

My Craft Desk (and the magnet winner)!

Our magnet winner is...


Congrats to JOZEN!
Send your info my way, and I'll get these magnets in the mail for you!

Now on to other news...

My craft desk was a completely cluttered mess!!
Oh, please don't judge me by this picture!

Now, it's half decent.With about $8, and some fun colors, I finally have a slightly organized place to craft!


  1. LOL - that's how my desk looks right now (the messy one). I have the hardest time keeping my work area clean!

    Yours looks great!


  2. I will probably never post a picture of my craft desk...I am impressed with both pictures!

  3. hehe. My sister's is much worst. No worries. Oh and, you have lots of movies on your craft desk! But, now you're getting a bigger apartment. Yay!


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